DP3040 Water Based Vapor Barrier 1gal (4/Pack)

DP3040 Water Based Vapor 
Barrier 1gal (4/Pack)

Product #: DP3040

Volume: 0.26


Vapor Barrier; Base Water; Area Coverage 25 to 50 Square Foot per Gallon; Container Capacity 1 Gallon; Temperature Rating 40 to 110 Deg F (Application/Storage), -25 to 200 Deg F (Service); Application Commercial and Residential; Chemical Family Synthetic Latex; Solids Content 66 +/-2 Percent; Viscosity Rating 75000 to 90000 Centipoise; Average Perm Rating 0.016 Perms at 42 Mils Dry Film Thickness, 0.018 Perms at 50 Mils Dry Film Thickness; Shelf Life 1 Year; Cure Time 4 to 36 Hour; Flame Spread 20; Smoke Developed 20; Applicable Standard USDA, FDA, EPA, NFPA 90A/90B