Nu-Calgon iWave-R Air Purifier (Up to 6 Tons)

Nu-Calgon iWave-R Air
Purifier (Up to 6 Tons)

Product #: 4900-20

Volume: 0.1092


Air Purifier; Type Self-Cleaning, Bi-Polar, High Output Ion Generator Air Purifier; Power Supply AC; Warranty 3 Year Limited; Depth 4.8 Inch; Width 6 Inch; Height 2 Inch; Shipping Weight 1 Pound; Voltage Rating 24 Volt AC/110 to 240 Volt AC/208 to 240 Volt AC; Power Rating Less than 10 Volt Amp; Frequency Rating 50/60 Hertz; Air Flow Rating 2400 CFM; Mounting Type Duct/Internal AHU Wall/Fan Inlet; Temperature Rating -40 to 160 Deg F; Plasma Output Over 160000000 Ion per Cubic Centimeter; Display Type Green LED; Application Residential Duct Air Conditioning; Includes Alarm Contact; Approval UL, CUL

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